About the school

The Sandanam Institue of Pre/Primary Education started functioning in 2003 at two locations, namely  Gonakelle and Gonapitiya which are Tea estates up in the hills of the Nuwara Eliya district of Sri Lanka. Both the schools  at present are accomodating 96 children. The number of admitted children vary every year. The children get their preschool training and primary school activities training in order to prepare  them for year 1.

These children are very poor and if not for the Sandanam Institute of Pre/Primary education, they will not have the means of getting their preparatory education. Instead they will be loitering until their year one entrance to the ordinary school. The skills they develop by attending the pre/primary education will also be lost.

Although pre/primary school training has become compulsary, it is not freely available every where in the Tea plantations. The Sandanam Institute therefore is to be recconed as a resource in this area. The children who attend this Institute are in the age catogary of 3-6years. Those who are 5-6 years of age are prepared giving special attention as they need to build on all the skills they learnt and start laying foundations in literary and numerary for all future learning and development.

Please read or download (pdf)-report under “Activities” for detailed information.