Training center

Training in computer, music, sewing & knitting and sports for children and adults have started.
Coaching in Cricket for boys at age groups 9-14years and 15-19years have been done and there had been a successful trophy tournament for 9-14years group in december 2013. 35 boys took part cheered by about 50 other children and some adults. They enjoyed the tournament and started organizing themselves and looking forward to take part in the Cricket Trophy Tournament of Sandanam Institute to be organized in march 2014. Priority will be given to the 15-19year group of pplayers. The Sandanam Institute Trophy Tournament will be held every year.
Both leather ball and soft ball cricket tournaments as well as football tournaments will be held.

Interestingly enough, the girls of various age groups have made inquiries about arranging cricket and fotball tournaments for them.

The institute’s first student in music has completed his studies in India and has returned after achieving distinctions in the theoretical and practical exams. He is expected to take over the teaching part of music.

Careful follow up of all activities is being discussed. A music studio will be set up where music training will be given. There will also be possibilities of recording one’s own music.
A musical Show is beingprepared for the benefit of the students of Sandanam Institute.